Example : - Tourism etc.

As per Clause 3.2 MAI scheme is intended to provide financial assistance for mediumterm export promotion efforts with sharp focus on a country /Product, and is administered by Department Of Commerce, Financial assistance is available for Export Promotion Councils(EPCs), Industry and Trade Associations (ITAs), Agencies of State Governments, Indian Commercial Missions (ICMs) abroad and other eligible entities as may be notified.A whole range of activities can be funded under MAI scheme. These include, amongst others,
(i) Market studies,
(ii) Setting up of showroom / warehouse,
(iii) Sales promotion campaigns,
(iv) International departmental stores,
(v) Publicity campaigns,
(vi) Participation in international trade fairs,
(vii) Brand promotion,
(viii) Registration charges for pharmaceuticals and term export promotion efforts with sharp focus on a country / product,
(ix) Testing charges for engineering products.

For more details about MAI-Guidelines please click here

Empowered Committee approved MAI assistance of 16.10 Lakhs for the following MAI proposal of PEPC :


Name of Organisation/EPC/ TPO/Exporter


Project Exports Promotion Council of India


Name of Project/Study for which MAI assistance is requested


National participation at Infra Oman 2016, October 10-12, 2016


Whether it is based on Focus country or Focus-product basis 

Based on Focus country


If Yes, Name of Country/ Countries and in case more than one country is to be covered and whether the markets are similar in nature.



If No, give justification for taking it up under the Scheme 

There is unique opportunities to explore innovative and practical solutions as well as to network with Project exporters, suppliers and buyers from around the world.


Whether the project is based on findings of any study/ survey. If not, the basis/grounds on which the project is prepared.


There is scope for infrastructure projects such as road, airports. Railways, new upcoming Industrial free zones/tourism projects, Power & water technology, renewable energy & environment etc.


If Yes, name of the Organisation, which undertook the study/survey. A copy of the summary of the report along with findings/ recommendations should be enclosed.

A number of reputed Indian companies are already present in Oman like L&T, Simplex Infrastructure, Nagarjuna Construction, Oman Sahapoorji Pallonji etc.


. If No, attach a brief justification for not based on the study/ survey



Whether the project would be taken up by the Organisation/ EPC/Exporter itself, if not, give details about implementing agencies along with the reasons why the project is not being taken up by the Exporter (s) EPC/TPOs itself etc.

 Project would be taken by PEPC alongwith member companies


Whether financial assistance has been taken earlier for such projects, under MAI/ MDA or from any other Scheme of Government of India/States.



If Yes, the details thereof



What was the cost and what were the specific benefits of the last activity. Please specify:




a) Number of participants/ contact persons

b) Number of orders booked & their value

c) Specific results of publicity etc. & how did the industry benefited.

d) Other benefits







 Period during which the Project is to be undertaken

October 10-12, 2016


Proposed activities to be undertaken under the project

-       To introduce new products, equipment and services directly to target clients in Oman’s Construction Sector

-       To showcase on-going infrastructure projects as well as previously completed projects.

-       To boost countries image in the Oman market by highlighting capabilities of Indian companies in infrastructure development sector

-       To promotion of Indian products and services.


The total cost of project year-wise

Rs.26.00 lakhs


The level of Assistance sought under MAI year -wise

Rs.19.00. lakhs


Specific targeted benefit after completion of the Project as per item 6.2

To increase exports value of Civil & Turnkey Engineering  Projects

Interested member companies may please contact PEPC for participation details