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How to become a ‘PROJECT EPC’ member

To become a member of - PROJECT EPC, you will need to submit the Membership Application Form duly completed.

What documents are required to be submitted

1. A self certified copy of the certificate/document relating the Import-Export Code number granted/allotted by the Licensing authority.

2. A certified copy of annual turnover during the preceding year.

3. In case the application is being made for registration as a Manufacturer, the applicant should also submit

a. Either a certified true copy (Photostat) of the registration as Manufacturer granted by the State Directorate of Industries with whom the applicant is registered as a SSI unit,
b. In case the applicant is a Non-SSI unit, a certified true copy (Photostat) of the product code / factory code allotment letter, issued by the DGTD/SIA, New Delhi,
c. Any other documentary evidence e.g. Certificate from Excise dept. etc. indicating the production figures. Excise duty paid thereon etc. as may be acceptable to the Council to determine that the applicant can be given a status of a Manufacturer.

Membership Categories / Eligibility Criteria

Ordinary Member

 Project exporters
*  Civil and Engineering construction ()
*  Process and engineering consultancy services
*  Project construction items (excluding steel and cement)/Project Goods